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Flexibility: our SPECIALTY

In line with global progress in product innovation and the rapid rise in customer demands, we seek to constantly think out of the box to provide more than just a wrapper. Flexible packaging allows in-depth customization and tailoring of the packaging, be it in roll-form for auto packing or bag-form for manual packing.

Our experienced team is always ready to offer technical advices and constantly brainstorming for the best possible solutions for you. Seeking to provide exclusive packaging service, we give our fullest attention to the finest detail throughout the process from the design of artwork, selection of materials through to the final delivery of the flexible packaging materials.

Many industries especially the food, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries had benefited from our flexible packaging solutions.

Comprehensive: our TOOLS

Equipped with the multiple lines of blown and cast film extruders and roto-gravure printing machines, we can produce both non-printed and printed films of up to 8 colours.

Specializing in state of the art 8 colour rotogravure printing technology and multilayer lamination of plastic films and foils, we can set your products apart from the norm hence enabling you to add value through quality and design.

Depending on the nature of products to be packed, the substrates used in printing/lamination are BOPP, PET, Nylon, CPP, MCPP, MOPP, MPET, LLDPE, LDPE and PP resins, aluminium foils, paper, etc.

Engineering Support: our INNOVATIONS

One of the key factors in producing high quality packaging materials is technology. Our team of engineers and technical staff ensure all the machines are maintained in tip-top conditions. Moreover, upgrading when necessary to keep in pace with the latest developments in flexible packaging technology.

Artsy: our PRINTING

Using an 8-colour printing machine, we are able to print your desired design on your plastic bags, rolls or sheets in as close to its true form as is possibly attainable. These printed materials are then put through a rigorous checking process as part of our quality assurance.

Process of Flexible Packaging

01 Brainstorming

02 Graphic Designs

03 Cylinder Making

04 Printing

05 Computerised Checking

06 Dry Lamination

07 Extrusion Lamination

08 Slitting

09 Bag Making

10 QA/QC Inspection

11 Delivery/Shipment